How to Tell When You Need to Upgrade Your Signage

Your business signage may feel like part of the furnishings–easily going unnoticed during the activity of day-to-day operations. Although it may be easy to overlook the current condition of your interior and exterior signs, your business signage often creates your customers’ first impression of your organization and services. Since your signs are advertising for your brand day and night, it is vital to know what image they are presenting. Regularly assessing the condition of your interior and exterior signs will help ensure that your signage is representing your brand in the best possible light–literally.

How do you know when it is time to replace your signs? If any of the following conditions apply to your business or your signage, then your current business signs may be doing more harm than good.

Your Signs Are Damaged or Faded

Have UV rays washed out your signage? Is your exterior signage faded, cracked or peeling? Is your sign’s illumination malfunctioning or failing to shine at its intended brightness and color? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time to contact a sign provider.

Your Business Information Has Changed

If there have been any updates to your name, ownership, open hours, products, address, social media accounts, tagline, slogan, number of locations, or legal requirements applicable to your industry, then it may be time to reevaluate your business signage–both interior and exterior.

 You’ve Decided to Rebrand

Rebranding brings exciting new opportunities, and your signage should reflect and promote the refreshed face and focus of your business. Updating your signage at the start of your rebranding will unveil your new image, help to market the change, and ensure that customers are aware of the shift.

You Need to Get Ahead of Your Competition

Well-designed, custom business signs improve brand awareness and increase traffic. If your competitors are creeping ahead of you, updating your business signs can give you the edge that you need to boost growth.

Your Sign’s Visibility Has Changed

If your business signage is responsible for attracting traffic from a nearby road or pedestrian walkway, then your signs must be attractive and highly visible. Changes in roads, development, landscaping, and competing signage in your area may affect your signs’ visibility. If your sign is too small to attract attention or its visibility is obscured, then it’s time to make changes.

Your Signage Is Non-Illuminated and You’re Ready to Upgrade

Illuminated signs advertise your business round-the-clock. While some building districts may place limitations on the sizes and styles of illuminated signs, Illuminated signs dramatically increase your brand’s exposure, making it worthwhile to have a sign design company help you maximize the business signage that is allowed.

You’d Like to Add an Electronic Message Board to Your Signage

Businesses, churches, community organizations, restaurants, retail stores, and athletic facilities can benefit greatly from adding an electronic message board to their signage. Electronic message boards give you the power to display up-to-the-minute details on events, specials, incentives, products, and more. Contact us to see if this option is a possibility for your location.

Your Sign is Illuminated and You’re Ready for an LED Upgrade

If your existing business signs use fluorescent bulbs or neon as the illumination source, switching to LED replaces high voltage wiring with low voltage, lowering the risk of fire. An LED retrofit, refurbish, or upgrade can increase your energy-efficiency and cost-savings, minimize your maintenance, and make you eligible for energy and tax rebates. LED upgrades are particularly beneficial for organizations with multiple locations.

You’re Expanding or Managing Multiple Locations

If you own or manage facilities for a business with multiple locations, updating or upgrading your signage can make a tremendous difference in how customers view your business franchise. For chains, each new location is an opportunity to build your brand’s power and presence through consistent brand standards. Your branding is strengthened when your signage follows standards in design, logo use, rendering, and even in the size and placement on and within the building.

What’s the best reason to replace your business signs?

If business is good and you’re ready to upgrade your signage to reflect your success!

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