First impressions are lasting impressions. Our well-crafted dimensional signage, such as dimensional letters and logos, will create a striking effect for your company from the moment your visitors walk through the door. SMI Sign Systems can design and manufacture exterior and interior office sign systems using custom-fabricated dimensional letters and logos. 

Dimensional signage is ideal for:

  • Museum Exhibits
  • Retail Establishments
  • Restaurants
  • Office Reception Areas
  • Lobby and Reception Signs
  • Custom Business Signage
With an unlimited combination of custom shapes, colors, and materials, dimensional signage creates a polished, high-end effect. SMI Sign Systems and our talented staff of designers and architectural signage experts will bring your logo and lettering to life and make sure your brand stands above the rest.

Are you ready to upgrade your business signage with dimensional letters?
Contact our expert team to get started. 

Lobby Signs and Dimensional Logos

Dimensional Letters Adventist Rehab
Dimensional Letters Adamo
Dimensional Letters Capital Digestive Care-
Dimensional etters Amplimmune
Dimensional Letters Richmond-Homes
Dimensional Logos AIRBUS-EADS
Dimensional Sign Inova-Medallion
Dimensional Letters Vision Kaiser
Dimensional Logo Byte-Grid
Dimensional Letters GolinHarris
Dimensional Lobby Sign Southland
Dimensional Lobby Sign Otera Consulting
Dimensional Letters Institute of Islamic Thought
Dimensional Lobby Signs NADA-Display
Dimensional Logo AIHA
Dimensional Letters Rosedale
Dimensional Lobby Sign Horan-Capital
Dimensiona Logo Fairfax-Dental-Center